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Your Friend and 
Spiritual Mentor
Robyn Dykstra
Robyn Dykstra - author/speaker & Bible Teacher
do you wonder if you even matter To god? 
or anyone else?
Girlfriend, Reset Your Faith!
Discover How to Connect with God for REAL.
My FREE Online Workshop will lead you step-by-step to deepen
your relationship with God and learn how to trust His leading so 
you can find peace in the chaos of life.
Join me and your new faith community, starting February 19th
WHAT'S INSIDE: My FREE Step-by-step Training on how to connect with god for real: 

Do you put on a brave face and pretend all is well while inside you feel like you are alone, stuck and filled with despair? 

Are you confused about whether God is leading or testing you? 

Do you wonder if you matter to God or anyone else?

Do you want to know how to find peace in the midst of difficult circumstances?

Do your emotions reel out of control?

You are not alone and I have good news! I’ve spent my life helping women just like you discover how to discern God’s leading so they can reset their faith to trust God as they become more like Jesus. 

Let me help you, too!
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